Our fifth example of outstanding customer experience


Our fifth customer-centric brand is a coffee-inspired beauty sensation from Australia – frank body. Granular understanding of their target demographic – females, millennials, interest in natural products, constantly evolving, avid social media users – has turned this coffee scrub brand from a £3,000 one product start-up to a £11m turnover business in just 5 years.

The brand has understood target customers’ values (female empowerment, natural ingredients, inclusivity, body positivity) and the realities of their lives (time poor, Instagram rich, navigating early career, Tinder dating) and translated this into a witty, tongue-in-cheek social media presence.

The brand’s success has been firmly anchored in its social media marketing, and its ability to illicit user-generated content from its loyal customer base. The initial grass roots marketing campaign gained the brand 350,000 Instagram followers in a year, and there are now c.50,000 user posts under #thefrankeffect. We love this brand for the way it listens to and interacts with its customers via mobile. Its success in this area feeds its website with high quality social traffic, boosting sales and generating a much better ROI from its Instagram marketing than for many brands.


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