Our third example of outstanding customer experience


On day 3 of our evaluation of customer-focused brands, we look at Car & Away, Gatwick Airport’s park & rent scheme. Holiday-makers can park their cars at the departure terminal’s meet & greet area, offering maximum convenience at what can be a stressful time. While they are away, their car is then rented out to arriving travellers. Car & Away has addressed key customer frustrations in the airport journey: expensive parking fees and lengthy terminal transfers for departing passengers, and for those arriving in the UK the hugely over-complicated and lengthy car hire pick up process.

The service enables quick pick up, allows customers to choose the exact car they want (avoiding nasty surprises when you receive a not-so-similar ‘similar’ car!), and does away with hidden fees. We love this scheme because it plays into the sharing economy trend seen in so many industries, allowing customers to monetise their assets when they aren’t using them, whilst undercutting traditional providers. What’s more, this has clearly been designed around fundamental traveller frustrations, and improves the experience for all concerned!


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