Our fourth example of outstanding customer experience


Our fourth example of a company with exceptional customer focus is DIY retailer Screwfix Screwfix have remained focused on their core customer: tradespeople. This customer has strict time-efficiency, quality and service requirements. By developing a mobile-first sales strategy and 1-mintue click-and-collect service, Screwfix has become a valued companion for professionals on the move. Sales through mobile rose 86% last year, as total sales rose 16.7%. However, it is not only tradespeople who appreciate this service. Pragma’s own research into the DIY sector found that Screwfix’s digital offer is also a major differentiator for the less experienced. Compared to an industry average of major DIY retailers, Screwfix’s digital offer (website/app/click-&-collect) received over 3x as many ‘excellent’ scores from DIY ‘amateurs’ and ‘avoiders’. These customers value the simple in-and-out experience it offers, sparing them the bewilderment of typical DIY stores. Screwfix’s customer service initiatives extend beyond digital; its ‘Simply Better Service’ programme impresses us with its deep focus on customer feedback and improving the customer journey.

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