Our second example of outstanding customer experience


Our second example of a company focusing on its customers is boutique travel company i-escape. Modern digital consumers have a wealth of information and research sources at their fingertips. When searching for travel options though, the seemingly endless choice of hotels, ‘review fatigue’ and pressure to plan an unforgettable trip can induce panic rather than excitement. Focusing on boutique hotels, iescape has acknowledged these stress points for consumers when planning holidays and built an interface that aims to solve them. Personal reviews, honest pros and cons, functional yet inspirational search and journalistic content create an easy to use browsing experience that feels highly personal. For example, when searching for hotels in Amsterdam, iescape provides an insider's guide to the city, proudly promotes apartments you won't find on Airbnb, describes hotel options in terms such as 'a building with chequered career...' and further entices with the offer of a complimentary bottle of fizz on arrival. Given this positive customer experience and a guarantee to price match other sites or direct booking, we feel that iescape has great potential to gain traction versus the more anonymous aggregator sites.


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