Sushi Shop Greater London Location Strategy


About the brand

Sushi Shop was originally founded in France, where it now has over 80 locations, and has extended into other countries including the US, Italy, Luxembourg, Belgium, Spain and the Middle East. In 2015 Pragma worked with Sushi Shop to provide a detailed analysis of the potential for expansion in London

Sushi Shop Greater London Location Strategy

The Challenge/Task

  • Provide research to establish how many shops London can support

  • Identify where these shops should best be established.


  • Pragma met with Sushi Shop’s team in France to discuss the main drivers of business for Sushi Shop both generally and specifically in London

  • A matrix of the key information required for Sushi Shop to understand each London location was agreed and populated

  • Using the key characteristics of the Old Brompton Road branch, Pragma compared performance with branches in Paris stores to establish an ‘optimal’ trading template and understand Sushi Shop’s local market share

  • A long list of Inner/Outer London target locations was devised and refined on the basis of market share based turnover estimates

  • Pragma supplied key data as spreadsheet plus an interactive map to allow easy access

The Result

Pragma submitted a list of recommendations based on the above intelligence. This list is underpinning Sushi Shop’s selection of new branch locations across Greater London. 

Currently the brand has  3 sites in London