New Balance London Flagship Site Selection


About the brand

New Balance is one of the world’s leading sports footwear brands. The brand has a strong reputation among serious sports enthusiasts, as well as those seeking fashionability. Although the company has been manufacturing in Cumbria for 30 years, current UK distribution is primarily through a wholesale network.

New Balance London Flagship Site Selection

The Challenge/Task

  • Provide research to understand the catchment profiles and visitor composition at retail centres in Central London

  • Identify the optimum location in Central London for a flagship ‘Experience’ store


  • Segmented and quantified customer demand using our unique FISH categorisation system

  • Provided detailed insight into key performance influencing factors including catchment populations and customer demographics

  • Profile key trading streets including competitor locations, existing channels of distribution and sub markets.

  • Identify by location, areas of competition from sports retailers and footwear retailers and provided turnover and density estimations to help grade the opportunity for the client.  Other data provided included: number or stores, FISH and price positioning, Zone A rental levels, estimated floor space, nearby tube stations, and breakdown of residents, workers and tourists

The Result

Pragma submitted a list of recommendations based on the above intelligence. Ultimately this led to New Balance selecting 287-291 Oxford Street as the most appropriate location offering a combination of suitable footprint, strong retail adjacencies and substantial passing footfall