We deliver tailored business, customer, market and competitor intelligence to drive value creation across your organisation, asset or portfolio.

Our Insight & Analytics services cover three areas:

  • Understanding: Providing deep insight on you and your markets through business performance analytics and bespoke customer, market and competitor intelligence

  • Managing: Using information effectively to drive the right decisions and actions

  • Tracking: Periodically checking the performance of your brands, assets and customers to enhance the relevance of your offer

We help our clients determine where to play, how to win, and the resources and activities required to deliver the targeted outcomes.

We dissolve the boundaries between functions, channels and markets to deliver truly integrated, innovative and practical solutions. Our Strategy & Planning services include:

  • Corporate & Business Strategy (including RADAR, an approach which redefines strategy development for today’s dynamic markets)

  • Brand, Channel & Pricing Strategy

  • Innovation, Business Model and Proposition Development

  • Strategic Planning

  • Market Entry & Location Services

Defining where & how digital can add value across your business, with a focus on:

  • Digital Strategy: Defining the role and use of digital for your organisation, and aligning the business around it

  • Content Strategy: Determining what type of content should be created, for whom and through which channels

  • Customer Experience: Defining how digital can profitably enrich the interaction between you and your customers

  • Digital Operations: Configuring your digital operations to ensure alignment, efficiency and support of the business strategy


We help grow the value and customer appeal of commercial property and travel assets through:

  • Commercial Intelligence: Quantifying the commercial potential of retail property

  • Consumer Insight: Matching commercial space to customer demand and future trends

  • Space & Category Mix Planning: Modelling the optimum quantum and composition of commercial space

  • Design Plan Evaluation: Analysing the commercial potential of design plan options

  • Revenue Forecasting & Rent Sustainability: Modelling the forecast sales and income from the asset

  • Leasing Support: Preparing compelling evidence to support retail opportunities, presenting opportunities to target occupiers and identifying target occupiers which delight your customers

We can help you transform operational performance through a focus on three core areas:

  • Operating Model: The processes, people, systems, structures and governance that underpin your organisation

  • Central Operations: The centrally located activities that drive operational effectiveness and resource efficiency

  • Store Operations: All operational aspects of delivering a great and profitable store experience within the context of a multi-channel offer

We use our deep sector knowledge and specialist skill set to help investors and companies navigate the investment life cycle, including:

  • Vendor Support: Working with management to ensure the business or asset is sale ready

  • Commercial, Operational & Digital Due Diligence: Assessing the business plan within the context of historic performance and the market, competitor and consumer landscapes

  • Post-transaction Implementation: Developing and delivering 100-day plans and operational turnaround initiatives

  • Asset Optimisation: Identifying opportunities to improve the financial performance of asset portfolios and individual businesses

  • Pre-acquisition due diligence: assessing occupier risk and rental income sustainability