Retail Property: The Five Dynamics Shaping Future Success

Future of Retail Property UK

In this white paper we set out five dynamics that will shape the retail property sector over the coming months and years. Each dynamic is intrinsically linked to the descriptors of experience and/or convenience.

Those without a clear and considered place on the experience/convenience spectrum – the so called `Middle Ground' – risk falling by the wayside by delighting no-one.

The five dynamics shaping future success are:

  • Understanding location

  • Single ownership

  • True mixed use

  • Experiential environments

  • Merging physical with online

Based on these dynamics it is the role of the physical store that is most impacted. Until the value of a physical store can be recognised and measured beyond the sales that go through the till, property values will continue to fall.

We hope you find our latest white paper an enjoyable and informative read.