Our tenth example of outstanding customer experience


Our final customer-centric brand is leisure concept, Flight Club Darts Flight Club’s execution of the proposition puts modern day consumers at the heart and turns the macho and potentially intimidating world of darts and dingy pubs into a fast, fun and welcoming experience for players of all levels. Marketing is careful to show a younger and more female player than is typically associated with the game to allay some of these concerns.

Players pre-book a lane for their group and, using the tablet screen, can watch how-to videos and set up individual profiles. The screen is then used throughout the session to guide players through the games, as well as for ordering food and drinks for at-lane service. Finally, we particularly love Flight Club, as they have understood the customer’s needs. For urban millennial customers, part and parcel of undertaking this type of leisure experience is the desire to share this online via social media. Flight club easily facilitates this: players can record their own team videos and the game’s software automatically captures ‘action-replay’ moments of winning throws, compiling these into a ‘story’ format which can easily be shared online, generating further interest in the concept.


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