Our eighth example of outstanding customer experience


On day 8, we look at personalised hair products provider Function of Beauty. Using an algorithm and a short quiz, Function of Beauty taps into the trend for personalisation to provide its customers with bespoke shampoos and conditioners from 12 billion possible ingredient combinations. Function of Beauty also offers free returns on all products. While this has become the norm in some industries such as fashion, it is still relatively uncommon for beauty companies and those offering personalised goods.

FoB understands its customer base (predominantly millennial women) are happy to try innovative beauty products but are wary of investing in a product purchased online without being able to test it first. It is possible to make a one-off purchase at the online shop but a subscription service is also available. The latter offers free international shipping and returns (shipping costs $5/£5 for a one-off order), which is an effective way of making the proposition more attractive to Europe-based customers who are often reluctant to pay for shipping. Our view is that every aspect of Function of Beauty’s proposition shows that the company understands its customers and consequently offers a great customer-centric service.


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