Our sixth example of outstanding customer experience


Our sixth customer-centric brand is British luxury handbag brand DeMellier, seen on the likes of Beyoncé, the Duchess of Sussex and Fearne Cotton. Launched in 2010, DeMellier was founded by Mireia Llusia-Lindh who spotted a gap in the market for stylish and functional handbags.

The resulting collection combined the two; designer bags created for different laptop sizes, all with multiple compartments for documents, phones and make-up, and made from the highest-quality materials. The recent re-brand from Milli Millu further highlights how the brand always puts customers at its heart. Having realised the brand does not resonate well internationally, it embarked on a re-branding process, but not before consulting customers on their attitudes and perceptions.

Following this exercise, every customer received an email or letter from brand explaining its rationale, inviting further feedback. Whilst luxury brands are not the first to spring to mind when discussing customer-centricity, DeMellier seems to be leading the way. The founder's personal experience of working in the city has allowed the brand to understand customer need and desires, and target their products towards an unfulfilled gap in a crowded handbag market.


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