Our seventh example of outstanding customer experience


Our seventh customer-centric brand is Decathlon, the world’s largest sporting goods retailer. With hundreds of products in its collection, stores often can’t showcase their larger products. DECATHLON FRANCE has implemented virtual reality headsets in over 15 stores to allow customers to browse multiple items within one small space.

Focusing on tents, these headsets allow customers to view and examine the products in detail and compare models, without requiring space in store to unpack, and then re-pack, the individual tents. Customers can even enjoy seeing the tents in real-life situations, like in a desert, the mountains or a forest, and control the weather conditions.

The VR success in these stores is just another initiative in Decathlon’s award-winning customer experience focus; its staff are true advocates of sport, and its products are of high quality (backed up by a customer-focused 365-day return policy). While larger companies are often slow to embrace a customer-focused approach, and VR can be seen as gimmicky, we admire Decathlon's use of technology as it helps customers make informed decisions and improves their overall experience.


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