Schloß-Straßen-Center Positioning and Retail Mix


About the brand

Schloss-Straßen-Center (SSC) is a 16,200 m² shopping centre located in Berlin's Friedenau district.  The 4-level centre opened in 2007 and is home to about 50 shops including Primark, Zara and Rewe.

With 4 established shopping centres, Schloßstraße is the most competitive market in Germany and despite Primark, SSC struggles to attract shoppers and has a high vacancy rate.  The investor, Redefine International required a sustainable and distinctive proposition for the centre.

Schloß-Straßen-Center Positioning and Retail Mix

The Challenge/Task

  • Produce a robust assessment of trading potential and growth opportunities
  • Identify an ideal future retail mix
  • Prioritise strategic asset management initiatives.


  • Undertook a field audit of Schloßstraße and major competing centres in Berlin

  • Conducted a Shopper Survey  alongside high volume address collection

  • Defined SSC’s retail catchment and evaluated shopper expenditure

  • Provided a lifestyle profile of shoppers and catchment residents

  • Estimated Trading Gap opportunities

  • Assessed the quality, mix and positioning of competing retail floor space

  • Recommended the ideal mix of activities at SSC and suitable absent tenants

  • Recommended improvements to the layout / design, internal environment and appearance of SSC


The Result

Pragma recommended the ideal mix of activities at SSC, suitable absent tenants and a series of improvements to the layout, internal environment and appearance.

These recommendations have been adopted within Redefine International’s asset strategy plan and initiatives are under way to reduce vacancy and improve footfall / conversion.