Pret A Manger - Customer Segmentation


About the brand

The first Pret A Manger opened in London in 1986, bringing freshly made ‘grab & go’ sandwiches to the worker population. Over the years, it has extended both its product offer and portfolio. Understanding the wants and desires of different customers has been key to their successful expansion, taking it beyond the core London market.

Bridgepoint Capital bought a controlling stake in the business in 2008, and Pret A Manger has continued to thrive, now with more than 450 shops worldwide.

Pret A Manger Ethos Board

The Challenge/Task

Since 2008, Pragma has worked with Pret A Manger to support a breadth of different business objectives, to stay ahead in a highly competitive market context. Our remits have included delivering insight to inform the development of regional formats, entering new international territories, and alignment of the product offer to customer wants and needs.


Conduct a regular customer insight programme across the UK estate to measure key performance indicators and understand profile, behaviour and preferences

Developed customer typologies, allowing the business to target specific custom groups with a more tailored offer

Analysis of new markets, to provide insight into the local customer and help the business adapt its concept to the audienceshape our strategies.

Pragma’s practical experience and technical guidance has enabled us to feel very confident in understanding our customers’ drivers and preferences, particularly by region which is helping to shape our strategies.
— Pret A Manger

The Result

Pret A Manger has been highly effective in tailoring its offer and design to meet customer segments’ needs, and evolving to keep pace with market demands, while retaining the core strengths of the proposition. Sales in 2015/16 were up 15 per cent to £776m, while EBITDA rose 11 per cent to £93m.