Original Additions - Vendor Due Diligence


About the brand

Original Additions operates three leading beauty brands: Eylure, Elegant Touch and Salon System which cover false eyelash, brow and false nail categories. The business currently has distribution established in 40 countries, with their main focus being the UK and America. Prior to the 2016 sale, LDC had owned Original Additions since July 2011 .

Original Additions - Nail Varnish

The Challenge/Task

Pragma was asked to undertake a comprehensive programme of due diligence to provide potential investors with a thorough understanding of the brand and proposition, the market  and competitive landscape, and a detailed review of the business’s recent performance.


  • Pragma evaluated the current proposition, its strengths and weaknesses and the potential for the brand to extend into new markets and new categories
  • Pragma evaluated the key competitors in the markets, their channels of distribution, the scale of the markets and the competitive landscapes
  • Pragma assessed consumer false eyelash and nail purchasing behaviours, awareness of the brands, key choice drivers, brand perceptions, channel behaviours and potential barriers to use
  • Pragma analysed Original Addition’s historic retail performance to understand the key drivers of growth from a category, channel and customer perspective
  • Pragma assessed the viability and credibility of the management’s business plan and looked at the key sensitivities to the plan in terms of both potential upside and risk

The Result

Original Additions was sold by LDC in April 2016 to the US-based beauty and personal care company PDC brands in a deal worth over £37m, which will further accelerate Original Additions international growth.