Forest Holidays - Shopper & Brand Strategy


About the brand

Forest Holidays was founded by the Forestry Commission back in the 1960s to meet the growing demand for holiday accommodation in forest locations. Although Forest Holidays is today an independent company, it is still part owned by the Forestry Commission.

Forest Holidays

The Challenge/Task

Forest Holidays’ management wanted to better understand their customer and commissioned Pragma to undertake an analysis of Forest Holidays’ customers and enquirers’ behaviour.


– Define key factors behind holiday choice for customers
– Evaluate what customers valued about the Forest Holidays experience
– Analyse pricing strategy
– Test customer reaction to new and proposed product offerings
– Provide customer segmentation and market sizing


  • Conducted management interviews and undertook detailed customer research to get a detailed understanding of what customers most love about Forest Holidays

  • Provided recommendations in relation to key drivers underpinning holiday choice across customer segments and suggested additional services that could be provided to enhance the customer experience

Pragma were very good at getting under the skin of our business and understanding what we do before talking to our customers. They were excellent ambassadors of our brand which I found very refreshing.
— CEO, Forest Holidays

The Result

The results of the project are being used to inform and guide Forest Holidays’ marketing and pricing strategy, as well as cabin configurations in existing and future locations.