énergie Fitness - Commercial Due Diligence


About the brand

énergie Fitness is the leading UK low-cost gym franchise business with over 100 sites across the UK & Ireland, with a focus on integrity, innovation, accountability and fun creating an environment and level of customer service unmatched by competing gyms.


The Challenge/Task

  • Understand the drivers of performance for énergie Fitness, based on detailed analysis of performance to date

  • Determine the extent to which performance could be related to location attributes regarding catchment, competition and customer

  • Apply the gained understanding to the UK market, to determine the headroom for expansion


  • Undertook detailed analysis of existing location performance, including assessment of the impact on performance of year of opening, size, format and location

  • Reviewed existing and lapsed member data to determine demographic profile of users and drive-time catchments

  • Evaluated the degree to which other gyms competed with énergie Fitness and modelled the impact on their existing estate

  • Determine a set of success criteria that universally applied to the existing estate

  • Assessed the UK market to quantify the number of locations which met the success criteria for a successful énergie Fitness location

The Result

On the basis of our analysis, Bridges Fund Management felt confident in their investment into énergie Fitness, facilitating expansion into more under-served areas and strengthen its member proposition.