Dubai Pearl - Space Supportable Model


About the brand

Dubai Pearl is a mixed-use, 22 million sq ft integrated site developed by Pearl Dubai FZ LLC. It is set to provide premium residences and offices, international retail and the highest quality dining, entertainment and leisure facilities. The development will ultimately be a home for approximately 29,000 people.


The Challenge/Task

To undertake a review of the resident and tourist population forecasts and market supply dynamics in Dubai, in order to determine the likely user demand and hence optimum space configuration and positioning for the development.


  • Analysis of the Dubai tourist and population forecasts, and the proposed facilities at the development, in order to identify customer demand streams
  • Analysis and audit of the current and future retail supply in Dubai to identify key competitors and potential gaps in the market.
  • Development of a bespoke footfall, space supportable and forecast revenue model to advise the development on the amount of retail and F&B space that should be provided and the potential revenues this could generate
  • Advised the development on the optimal category mix and price positioning of the retail and F&B offer in order to maximise customer spend and satisfaction

The Result

Pragma identified each of the potential user demand streams for the development and determined the optimal space requirements and revenue forecasts. The results were integrated within the architectural plans.