Doha Festival City - Space Supportable Model


About the brand

Doha Festival City is a regional mixed-used shopping, entertainment, leisure and hospitality destination in the north of Doha.

Opening in stages, the development will be home to 540 retail outlets across a total of 244,000sqm of gross leasable area.


The Challenge/Task

Pragma was asked to undertake a review of potential market demand and competing developments in order to determine the feasibility of the proposed Festival City proposition, and advise on the optimal unit mix and space configuration.


  • Pragma’s recommendations were based on an extensive work programme that included:

  • A review of Doha customer segments and analysis of potential demand, for which Pragma analysed published data sources and undertook primary research surveys to determine the resident and tourist population

  • An audit of existing and future competing developments in Qatar, to identify available gaps within the market

  • The development of a bespoke space supportable and revenue model, in order to advise the development on the optimal amount of space that should be included within the key retail and F&B categories as well as the potential financial return

  • Critical analysis of space layout plans in order to recommend the optimal layout for the development, as well as advising on category locations and adjacencies

  • Leisure concept testing, achieved by undertaking a series of focus groups in order to help the developers select the most appealing leisure concepts and operators

The Result

The results of Pragma’s work assisted the investment board in understanding the feasibility of the development, and provided them with a detailed understanding of the customer base, forecast space requirements and achievable revenue of the development.