Alserkal Avenue - Space Planning & Commercial Strategy


About the brand

Founded in 2007 in Dubai, Alserkal Avenue is now the region’s foremost arts hub. Across 40,000 sqm, it offers international art galleries, workshops, artisans, F&B and other features.

Since its inception it has grown from a small-scale, niche, gallery-focused attraction to the multi-use, large commercial development that it now is, whilst retaining the industrial-chic and organic characteristics that define it.

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The Challenge/Task

Pragma has been a long-time expert advisor to Alserkal Avenue, and has been commissioned on two major projects at key points in the development’s lifecycle.


2013 – Planned expansion

In 2013, Pragma was commissioned to advise on the expansion of Alserkal Avenue. Through qualitative and quantitative research, Pragma helped management to understand the user composition, tenant requirements and optimum space allocations. This output informed the planning, tenant mix composition and marketing of the site, with a specific focus on successfully integrating tenants into the expansion through a detailed selection process.

2017 – Defining the future direction

Since the expansion, Alserkal Avenue matured and evolved, as well as doubling in size. Pragma was invited back in 2017 to reassess how the needs and requirements of the customer base, tenants and business partners had changed. Pragma advised on how best to manage the development in the future, to ensure the site’s pre-eminence as the hub of arts and culture in the UAE. Our work provided clear guidance on the steps Alserkal Avenue should take in the next stage of evolution, with recommendations that covered all functions of the business.

The Result

The 2013 expansion helped Alserkal Avenue gain more traction within the UAE, with an improved tenant mix and a more diverse visitor base. Our 2017 recommendations redefined key USPs and strategic direction for the future, in support of the hub’s continued growth and maturing proposition.