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Airports,Travel & Commercial Spaces

Pragma's specialist airports, travel and commercial spaces division is world leading. We have completed passenger research and retail development projects in over 40 airports worldwide, worked with travel companies ranging from cruise lines to motorway service station operators, and completed commercial spaces projects including Canary Wharf in London, to mixed-use mega projects in Dubai.

We cover four main areas of work:

• Passenger / Customer Research & Market Analysis
• Space Supportable and Revenue Forecasting
• Retail Masterplanning & Development
• Commercial Due Diligence and Bid Preparation

Airports & Travel

Our team combines the rigorous analysis of Customer / Passenger Research and Space Supportable / Revenue Forecasting with creative expertise in Retail Masterplanning and Design for airports and other travel operators such as railway stations, airlines, ferry and cruise lines, and motorway service station operators.

We help our clients understand their customer base and market, we evaluate space supportable and revenue potential, and ultimately help our clients maximise their customers' secondary spend in all areas of the commercial offer, from retail and catering through to car parking and ancillary services.

Commercial Spaces

We also work with a wide range of commercial spaces, including shopping centres, museums, leisure attractions and mixed use developments. Our specialist team brings together the best in retail planning and design, consumer understanding, and business plan modelling to provide a level of creativity and analysis not offered by any other advisor in the field.

We advise developers, property owners, investors and retailers on the most effective retail strategies, from the masterplanning of retail space to financial forecasting and retail design.

Whatever your development, Pragma will enable you to understand and quantify your customers, plan and position your development, optimise space, estimate revenues and returns on investment. We offer a wide ranging set of products and services, all with our unique blend of research, analysis and creativity.


"I have worked closely with Pragma over the last 4 years and can rely on them to give me a detailed appreciation of my passengers and their needs by asking the right questions, and presenting the findings in a clear and easy to understand manner. They are always on time and on budget."

Head of Retail and Concessions, Bristol Airport

"Pragma's key strength is being able to use the right techniques at the right time. By putting great effort into this initial understanding of the client's need before going ahead with the work, there is an assurance that the outputs are going to be the right ones."

Director of Customer Services, Network Rail


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