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What will consumers be doing over Easter?

Our latest PragMarket Tracker Survey shed light over what consumers will be getting up to over the long Easter weekend. Above all, consumers are looking forward to relaxing (59%) rather than anything more energetic. However, a number of consumers are still looking to go shopping (19%) and dine out (15%), highlighting the importance for retailers

Sign for your supper

Subscription services have grown significantly in the last two years, facilitated by the increasing accessibility of technology, including big data analytics and cloud computing. This enables retailers to store more customer data than ever before, and perhaps most importantly, put this data to good use.
Consumers, drawn in by convenience and the potential for cheaper

Dark rate rising

Talk of when interest rates will increase from their six year level of 0.5% is starting to gain more credence. Most commentators are predicting a rise towards the end of 2015 or beginning of 2016, with further increases leading to a potential rate of 2.5% by 2018.
At this level, we estimate that £12bn of

Can you make 1+1+1=5?

The biggest concern a CEO has when developing a multichannel strategy is whether it will genuinely add incremental sales and profit or just make their business more costly and complex.
A lot of companies have stores and a website and consider they have ticked the multichannel box. We encourage our clients to take a much

It’s not just size that matters

In the last year, we have had an increase in the number of requests from retailers and dining chains wanting to develop a clear strategy for their estates. This has included everything from nascent businesses looking to expand for the first time, to established domestic chains looking to enter new markets, as well as large

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