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Why are high street shops now charging designer prices?

Rosie Hartman of Pragma is interviewed by the Daily Mail on why high street fashion suddenly costs designer prices.
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Give the lady what she wants

Achieving a vibrant mix of retailers is an essential part of managing and growing shopping centre income. As fashion can account for over 60% of turnover at large shopping centres, there is no more important merchandise category. However, it is common for asset managers to plan fashion mix in terms of functional segments (e.g. ladieswear,

UK Outdoor Retailing: a free report

The outdoor market is one to watch. Driven by an increase in outdoor activities like cycling and walking and growing numbers of older people, the UK now has the second largest outdoor market within Europe, with future growth very likely.
Pragma has worked on many projects in the outdoor sector over the last few

$5 billion dollars in 90 minutes

That’s how much was generated in the first 90 minutes of China’s newly famed Singles’ Day. By way of comparison, the four day period of Black Friday through Cyber Monday in the US last year generated $6.6 billion in total.
Pioneered by Alibaba, “double eleven” was first established in 2009 to provide retail therapy to

Meals on wheels

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  • Meals on wheels

    While in Dubai this month, I was struck by the endless streams of delivery bikes weaving precariously through the traffic, on honourable missions to deliver hot food to hungry customers. This reminded me of Michael Holmes’s (previous Tesco MD) words at an industry event this year questioning whether the rise of the delivery market was

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