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I’m Dreaming of a Black Friday

From J Crew to Dunkin’ Donuts, the USA has brought us many a retail delight. Now they have bequeathed us a discount retail bonanza which seems set to stay – Black Friday.
This takes place the day after the family gastronomic indulgence of Thanksgiving, and has long been a ritual retail blast over the pond.

NPS Needs Proper Scrutiny

Net Promoter Score (NPS) has long been a darling metric among investors and retailers, but not without attracting its fair share of criticism. While NPS is generally discussed as a measure of customer loyalty, it is more correctly a measure customer advocacy. Pedantic? Perhaps, but a recent Pragma project illustrates why this distinction can be

Retail Innovations case study: Hedonism

As part of The Ebeltoft Group Retail Innovations report series, Nick Ashcroft of Pragma describes Hedonism, the luxury fine wine and spirits retailer located in Mayfair
Hedonism holds the UK’s largest in-store collection of wine. Hedonism has built up a collection of 5,500 wines and 2,000 spirits, bringing together under one roof the finest crops

Come rain or shine

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  • Come rain or shine

    The recent unseasonable weather has been the subject of much press coverage, particularly for its impact on the fortunes of the UK’s apparel retailers. The prevailing view is that these retailers need to radically alter their supply chains, reducing lead times and thus their overall susceptibility to changing weather.
    However, while the current extent

    Smart move

    With 80% of those surveyed in the latest Pragmarket (Pragma’s quarterly consumer tracker) saying they own a laptop and 74% owning a smartphone, it seems we have reached the age of ‘smart’ consumers. Consumers now have more control of the retail industry than ever, and some retailers are struggling to keep up with their demands.

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