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    We know a flagship store when we see one, but its purpose is not always clear. Some are simply a sponge for marketing budgets, and are given a “free pass” from the typical ROI calculations that should inform the opening of any new retail point of sale. My recent trip to Seattle took me to

    Ben Sherman

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  • Vlogging a dead horse?

    Debrett’s 500, the prestigious roster of Britain’s most influential people, had two notable additions this year: Zoe ‘Zoella’ Sugg and boyfriend Alfie Deyes, a.k.a. PointlessBlog. This may seem surprising, given the names are largely under the radar of those born before 2000, but the traction of these vloggers (video bloggers) amongst the younger demographic is

    China crisis?

    China is a complex country that mystifies even the savviest of western businessmen. Look no further than the world’s knee-jerk reaction to China’s stock market crash over the last several weeks. A plunging stock market in China tells us very little about the underlying economy:
    China’s stock market is driven by individual, not institutional, investors

    Anti-social behaviour

    Many of today’s boardrooms are unconvinced by the value offered by social media. This scepticism starts at the top: over half of all CEOs have no social media presence at all and therefore don’t appreciate the impact it can have on their business.
    Specifically, board level executives haven’t worked out how to measure its return

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