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The new Mexican wave

Whilst the Mexican economy may no longer be a blazing emerging market with just over 2% GDP growth (down from over 6% in 2010), our recent travels to the country have revealed it to be vibrant with a lot to offer to retailers.
We were particularly impressed by the skill and effort put into

Retail Innovations: Begendik Cayyolu

In the newly published Retail Innovations 10 by Ebeltoft and Pragma the latest concepts and key trends from around the world are previewed. This year, we evaluated over 120 cases, identifying the 7 global innovation trends and 60 of the best innovation cases from 21 countries.
Begendik created the new Cayyolu Store in Turkey’s Capitol,

Pragma’s work on Vivarte

Pragma was engaged to provide an impartial review of an IBR of the Vivarte business, on behalf of its syndicate of more than 150+ lenders, following the suspension of payments to service its debt of nearly €3 billion.
In a compressed timeframe, Pragma reviewed all the conclusions of the work conducted by the IBR provider,

Think big, go slow

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  • Think big, go slow

    If a company wants to grow its sales, it really only has two options: either it develops new products to sell to its existing customers or it finds new customers for its existing products. Typically, the latter is easier to do, and so many brands and retailers look to different channels or, more often,

    Pragma’s casual dining research

    Pragma’s casual dining research highlighting regional differences across the UK in eating out has been published in Marketing Week.
    Marketing Week – Casual Dining research

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